Project for Economic Data and Research

This project provides a searchable database that contains economic data specific to southeastern Massachusetts. The website gives researchers and analysts easy access to a variety of data to meet their own specific needs. This information is particularly valuable to community and economic developers, town planners, bankers, realtors and policy makers. The database includes information on employment, wages, price, housing, energy costs, and industries.
The Project for Economic Data and Research (PEDR) completed the first stage of developing a source of economic data on the web in 2006-07. .

During the early months of 2006, conversations between Dr. Michael Jones and Dr. Anthony Cicerone of the Department of Economics and Dr. Edward Minnock, Vice President of the Division of External Affairs identified a need for useful economic information for decision makers in the region. Discussions with regional business leaders, bankers, and government policy makers uncovered a demand for data in support of regional development and business planning decisions. The concept of a user friendly database on the web was suggested and the project was born. As an economist with many years of systems development experience, Dr. Jones has developed the web-based database application and the hosting computer systems. With the help of a BSU student research assistant, the first phase of the design was placed into production during February of 2007.

Dr. Jones worked with the BSU Institute for Regional Development (IRD) and the BSU Division of External Affairs to establish relationships with regional governments, businesses and organizations to evolve the PEDR into a valuable resource. The IRD and Division of External Affairs no longer exist at BSU but this project continues within the Department of Economics. Future plans may include a regular newsletter, data sharing partnerships, regional research, and analytical support for organization in the BSU community.

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PEDR is a community outreach project developed by Bridgewater State University in keeping with its mission to serve as a resource for the region.