Project for Economic Data and Research

The PEDR is committed to serving southeastern Massachusetts by using the intellectual and technological resources of Bridgewater State University to provide support for informed decision making by community leaders.
Q. What is the PEDR?
A. The PEDR is the Project for Economic Data and Research. This website provides a database of up-to-date economic data of specific value to southeastern Massachusetts. It includes information on employment, wages, prices, housing industry, and energy costs.
Q. How is the data organized?
A. Graphic displays are supported by downloadable economic data in each of 7 categories: labor, Income, Prices, Housing, Industry, Energy, and Wages.
Q. Who are the target users?
A. Bankers, realtors, policy makers, businesses, government and community organizations, among others, will use the database as a resource when performing self-directed research to support informed decision making.
Q. How does the PEDR benefit users?
A. Accurate up-to-date information is easily accessible to users needing economic data to make informed decisions. One-stop shopping web site saves users time and frustration. Users have confidence knowing the data as compiled by BSC is accurate and updated in a timely fashion.
Q. How will users work with the data?
A. The PEDR database was developed as a comprehensive tool for regional leaders to help them make informed business and policy decisions. Users engaged in self-directed research will download information relevant to their cause, question, or challenge. Users will analyze the data in light of their specific question, and they will use their analysis to help make informed decisions.
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July 30, 2020
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PEDR is a community outreach project developed by Bridgewater State University in keeping with its mission to serve as a resource for the region.